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the Takamatsu Image Diagnostic Clinic


As a gastrointestinal endoscopic specialist and a gastroenterologist specialized in examinations and treatments as well as comprehensive internal medicine specialist, we are diversified and multifaceted against lifestyle-related diseases, such as lifestyle-related diseases, and come to the clinic I hope I can help you protect your health.
From the patient's point of view, we have introduced an electronic medical chart and a 24-hour reservation system (exclusively for patients who are likely to need an examination at first visit) so that they can respond to various needs.
We strive to keep everyone's health healthy by daily efforts to release from the various pain suffering from examination and treatment by using the technology and abundant knowledge which we have learned at the basic hospital so far and the latest medical equipment.

In addition, as a characteristic of the examination at our hospital, we are inspecting gastric cameras and colon cameras with little pain in a state of sleep using a sedative (half anesthesia). Olympus endoscope system of latest model · top model is installed as inspection equipment. Unlike ordinary hospitals in examination with colon cameras, we use carbon dioxide to reduce the abdominal tension after the examination and we are also working to reduce discomfort after the examination. Moreover, we respond also to the day-old colonic polyp excision.

For those with a subjective symptom that seems to be necessary
for a gastro camera or those requiring a precision examination by barium screening,
we are taking medical consultation
reservations by telephone.

If you are thinking that "I do not want to take the examination of the stomach camera
and colon camera because it is painful," please consult with this clinic once.


  • 大原 芳章

    Mr. Yoshiaki Ouhara

    The hospital is a primary care doctor (home doctor), our hospital carefully treats every day so that we can provide a heartfelt medical service. We are aiming for a clinic that can relieve even if a patient who visits our hospital is healed at all even without forgetting attention to not only treatment for disease but also anxiety about patient's disease. We introduce endoscopes and echoes, state-of-the-art medical equipment’s, provide higher medical services, at the same time, establish a communication and trust relationship with the patient through dialogue with the patient and feel free to consult a clinic Our aiming staff will continue to devote day to day.
    I will do medical treatment in Takamatsu city where I was born and raised and will continue to contribute to regional medical care in Kagawa Prefecture so we will do our best so we can continue to do so.

    Director's career

    • 2007- Graduated from the Department of Medicine, Nagoya University School of Medicine
    • 2007- Kyoto University Medical School affiliated hospital entry
    • 2009- Takamatsu Red Cross Hospital Joined gastroenterology department
    • 2012- Osaka Red Cross Hospital Joined gastroenterology department
    • 2016- Takamatsu Endoscopy Diagnostic Clinic Director

    Certified physician / specialist

    • Japan Academy of Sciences certified physician
    • Internal Medicine Society of Japan Internal Medicine Specialist
    • Japan Gastroenterology Society Specialist
    • Japanese Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Society Digestive Endoscopy Specialist
    • Japan Liver Society Certified Liver Specialist
    • Japan Society of Ultrasonic Medicine Certified Ultrasonic Specialist


Takamatsu Endoscopic Diagnostic Clinic considers the enhancement of medical facilities,incorporates various medical equipment’s, and uses it for examination.
I will introduce a part of it here.
  • 受付


  • 待合室

    Waiting room

    Please wait here until you see the doctor once the reception is done.
  • 診察室

    Examination room

    Please feel free to consult about
    diseases of internal medicine / gastrointestinal system.
  • レントゲン室

    X-ray room

    Various examination and human docks are also available.
  • 内視鏡待合室

    Endoscope waiting room

    It becomes a waiting room for those who can receive the endoscope.
  • 内視鏡室

    Endoscope room

    We will perform various endoscopic examinations here.]
  • リラクゼーションルーム

    Relaxation room

    Those who have undergone endoscopic examination
    can take a rest for about 30 minutes
    to about 1 hour
    by using
    this relaxation room.
  • 内視鏡


    We have
    introduced state-of-the-art and
    superlative endoscope systems
    for carbon dioxide machines
    and water supply systems.
  • エコー


    With high-frequency echoes,
    we are introducing high-end models
    that can handle deep parts.
For CT and MRI, it is possible to shoot with the imaging diagnostic clinic
of the same group with the latest type
and high function equipment when necessary.
(Reservations are conducted at our hospital so troublesome procedures are unnecessary)


General Internal Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Due to segmentation and specialization of internal medical examination, diagnosis / treatment for various diseases has made dramatic progress. Therefore, life span has prolonged, and it is not uncommon for a single patient to have multiple diseases and conditions. Disease management as a whole body is becoming increasingly complicated. As a comprehensive internal medicine specialist at the same time, we are specialized in gastrointestinal medicine at this clinic, but also integrated diseases suitable for each patient, such as lifestyle diseases such as hypertension / diabetes and hyperlipidemia, as well as infections such as colds and influenza I will continue the internal medical examination. Please do not hesitate to consult us if you do not know which department to consult.


Our hospital introduces Olympus made endoscope system of the latest model · top-of-the-line model, we are able to correspond to the examination of the stomach camera and the colon camera as it sleeps. In the colon camera, carbon dioxide is used to suppress the tightness of the abdomen after the examination, and also corresponds to the daytime colonic polyp excision. Many cases have been recognized that cancer has been found in patients who have been shunned from the past in the past and who took away their lives.
In addition, since we improve the quality of daily living with professional knowledge from diseases familiar to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation and so on, we have corresponded to the extent that serious diseases are not concealed in that. For hepatic diseases such as hepatitis C and hepatitis B, we are also contributing to regional medical care as a specialized medical institution, so please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Stomach camera inspection

    In modern times, it is now time for men to become one in two people by age 70 and one in three women become "cancer". Among them, the incidence of stomach cancer (getting sick) is always high. If the small lesion which cannot be pointed out by the barium examination etc. can be found early if it is a gastro camera, the gastro camera is recommended by the scientific basis guidelines. In our hospital, I heard many people of joy that "I was not painful at all" by receiving a gastric camera until I got a stomach camera so far by using a sedative agent (semi-anesthesia), it is worthwhile to examine Let me hit it.
  • Colorectal camera inspection

    The number of deaths of colorectal cancer is always high, and the role of colon camera in its early detection is significant. Also, unlike other testing methods, treatment on the spot may be possible, and one of the merits is that there is no need to inspect several times. Some people who have received "Because I was painful, I do not want to do it even if I die already," but at our hospital such a person also uses a sedation agent (half anesthesia) or carbon dioxide to” It was over while sleeping. We can receive regularly in this case "We received a lot of glad words. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are patients who cannot be examined.


Medical checkup consists of preventive medicine based on the philosophy of total health care (general health management).
By periodically and comprehensively examining your health status, you can check lifestyle disease in addition to early detection of disease and early treatment, you can send healthy everyday with peace of mind.
We recommend you to visit a human dog to maintain health and longevity. Please reconfirm the importance of health at this occasion.
At Takamatsu Image Diagnostic Clinic, we have prepared various plans and options for medical checkup. For details, please see the PDF file on the left.
Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the following telephone number.
Medical checkup
of Takamatsu Endoscopy Diagnostic Clinic
can also be booked
rom the Internet.

Q & A

QCan I test for Helicobacter pylori?
AWe support. We do treatment as well as examination.
QIf there is a polyp during the examination, can it be resected?
AIf there is a polyp that can be resected at the time of colon camera inspection, it can be resected on the spot.
QCan I be hospitalized?
AThere is no hospitalization facility.
QIs there a parking lot?
AThere is a free parking lot at the multistory parking lot north of the clinic.
It will be located where 1 to 18 on the first floor is painted green.
QWhere do you drink laxatives when examining colon cameras?
AIt does not matter if you are a clinic, home or your choice.
The clinic is also preparing a toilet for examination.
QCan I bring a stomach camera / colon camera together?
AI am not going in principle.
The reason for not having a gastro camera / colon camera together is that it takes time to ingest laxatives necessary for examination of large intestine cameras, and air may accumulate on the stomach and pain may occur after the examination.
QCan I inspect even during menstruation?
AIt is possible to take an exam even during menstruation.
QCould you introduce me to another hospital?
ARegional collaboration is coordinated with major hospitals.
QCan I use a credit card?
AIt also supports credit cards and electronic money.
Please contact us for more information.
QCan I have a medical examination?
AWe support various checkups. Please contact us by phone for more information.


Kototen Matsushima Railway crossing, the first floor of the Kotake Building in the northeast.
It is across the Round One north.

It is 3 minutes on foot from Matsushima 2-chome station of Kotohira Train Main Line.

The parking lot is located on the north side, and it is a part painted green 1 ~ 18 of the multi-store parking lot.

The entrance is on the national highway 157 side and the west side of the building.

Nearest station Timetable of Matsushima 2chome Station

Times of Day Uplink(Directions to Kawaramachi) Downhill (Directions to Shido)
8:00 01・11・21・31・41・51 01(大)・11・21(大)・31・51
9:00 01・11・31・51 11・31・51
10:00 11・31・51 11・31・51
11:00 11・31・51 11・31・51
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16:00 11・31・51 11・31・51
17:00 11・31・51 11・31・51
18:00 11・31・41・51 01(大)・11・21(大)・31・51
Times of Day Uplink(Directions to Kawaramachi)
8:00 01・11・21・31・41・51
9:00 11・31・51
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18:00 11・31・41・51
Times of Day Downhill (Directions to Shido)
8:00 01(大)・11・21(大)・31・51
9:00 11・31・51
10:00 11・31・51
11:00 11・31・51
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13:00 11・31・51
14:00 11・31・51
15:00 11・31・51
16:00 11・31・51
17:00 11・31・51
18:00 01(大)・11・21(大)・31・51
Red letters: Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and December 30 - January 3 are out of service
(大): To Ohmachi

Takamatsu Endoscopy Diagnostic Clinic

Gastroenterology Internal Medicine / General Internal Medicine (Comprehensive Internal Medicine)

<Closed day> Saturday afternoon · Sunday · public holiday · New Year's holiday · Bon Festival
  • Tel:087-821-8877(General phone)
  • Address: 4-28-30 Fukuoka-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa, 760-0066, Japan

Consultation time

Department of Gastroenterology · Internal Medicine (General Medicine)

Reception time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
AM 9:00~13:00


Medical office / Receptionist clerk

Work place 4-28-30 Fukuoka-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa,
760-0066, Japan
​Takamatsu Endoscopy Diagnostic Clinic
Contents of work Reception, medical office work etc
Employment status Full time: 2 days a week
Part time: Working hours negotiable
Salary Consultation based on years of experience and ability
※※ bonus available
Working hours Mon- Fri: 9: 00-18: 00
(break time 60 minutes)
Sat: 9: 00-13: 00
Allowance Various allowances
Questions about employment opportunities listed above, please call [087-821-8877]or below or our contact form