diseases of the digestive tract such as stomach cancer.

Flow of stomach camera inspection Flow of stomach camera inspection will be as follows.
  • STEP01

    The day before the inspection

    食事 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    Please let me finish until 9 pm for dinner. Take water until you go to bed.
  • STEP02

    Inspection day

    検査当日 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    Please do not take breakfast. You may take moisture until you come to the hospital. Do not take powder medicine. Please contact us for details.
  • STEP03

    Preparation of inspection

    検査の準備 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    Take white syrup to clean the stomach
    and anesthetize your throat with a spray.

    ※ If you use a sedative (anesthetic), also drip.

  • STEP04


    検査 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    Inspection will be completed in about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • STEP05

    Surgery, treatment, additional examination
    (according to the judgment of the doctor)

    手術 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    At the time of inspection, if the surgery, treatment,
    additional testing is necessary and the doctor has
    determined, it may be made to the patients who have
    gotten consent.

    ※ It is not this limit when we judged that urgent treatment is necessary.

  • STEP06


    休憩 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    If you used the sedative (half anesthesia), it will rest in
    about 30 to 60 minutes sofa after the inspection.
  • STEP07

    Result explanation

    検査 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック
    I explained to show you a picture of the inspection on the day.

    ※ Because you can give a result explanation later, please consult.

※ The drinks you can take from the day before the test are water, tea and sports drinks.

Stomach camera inspection before Notes

Since it is a notes of previous stomach camera inspection, please read.
  • 検査前日の飲食に関して 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    About eating and drinking the day before the test

    Please finish your meal by 9:00 PM the day before. Please visit without taking breakfast on the day.
  • 検査当日の飲食に関して 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    With respect to the inspection on the day eating and drinking

    You can drink water, tea and sports drinks. Please do not take dairy products on the day. (Yogurt, milk drinks, milk, coffee, etc.)
  • 来院の方法 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    How to visit

    If you wish to use a sedative (semi-anesthetic), please do not visit us by car.

    ※ Only those who wish to take a stomach camera from oral

    ※ If you are breastfeeding, please refrain from breastfeeding only on the day of the examination.

  • 薬の服用 胃カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    Taking medicine

    Please do not take the medicine of diabetes testing day.

Detailed explanation and agreement of inspection

You can download the agreement file and a full description of the stomach camera inspection.

If you make a reservation from the Internet, you can fill in the questionnaire and consent form, ​
and you will have a smooth examination and examination.

※ stomach camera inspection, we are in the morning.

If you would like to have an examination, please call us.

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