The flow of the large intestine camera inspection

The flow of the large intestine camera inspection will be as follows.
  • STEP01

    The day before the inspection

    食事 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    Please have a test meal, take a laxative and go to bed.

    Take water until you go to bed.

  • STEP02

    Inspection day

    検査当日 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    Please do not take breakfast or lunch

    Please take a laxative from 9 am.

    It is fine for you to take moisture before the hospital visit.

  • STEP03

    Preparing for inspection

    検査の準備 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    Please visit the Takamatsu Endoscopy Diagnostic Clinic at the scheduled time.

    After confirming defecation status, sedative (semi- anesthetic) is instilled.

  • STEP04


    検査 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    Inspection will be completed in about 20 to 30 minutes.

  • STEP05

    Surgery, treatment, additional tests
    (according to the judgment of the doctor)

    手術 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    At the time of examination, if the doctor decides that surgery,
    treatment or additional examination is necessary,
    it may be performed for the patient who has obtained consent.

    ※ It is not this limit when we judged that urgent treatment is necessary.

  • STEP06


    休憩 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    To wake up from sedation (semi-anesthesia), it will rest
    in about 30 to 60 minutes sofa after the inspection.

  • STEP07

    Result explanation

    結果説明 大腸カメラ検査 高松内視鏡診断クリニック

    I explained to show you a picture of the inspection on the day.

    ※ Because you can give a result explanation later, please consult.

※ The drinks you can take from the day before the test are water, tea and sports drinks.

Inspection on the day, when there is no bowel movement even after the lapse of 1 hour,
began taking laxatives, please contact our hospital.

If you would like to have an examination, please call us.

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